Tuesday, August 21, 2007

4rth CHAPTER (favor)

guys, fourth chapter of ice's story is here......(applause) haha well i just hope someone will comment in my blog...so that i'll know that it's been read! well guys, again if u just read this now as in you're a newbie with this, begin at the first post up to third...(bottom to top)AGAIN feel free to comment...(chatbox) and enjoy....:)

So there I was sitting in one corner of my room, feeling so brainless, humiliated, mortified, for acting so weird in front of Jake. I know it’s not his fault, he doesn’t know that I love him and he never will… for now. I never went to class that afternoon, never checked my phone. I’m just gaping at the four cornered walls with stupid posters around it. Music was turned on so loud, I guess but still I can’t hear anything, perhaps my senses are getting numb for the reason that, all I can think is the agony of losing Jake to someone. I was in a verge of losing my sanity, when someone knocked on the door. I opened it, and it was my mom. My dear mom, how come she’s home?
“Isabel!” she looked furious again, what is it this time?
“Its Ice mom…what do you want?”
“Isabel could you turn that damn thing off, it’s too loud!”
“What?!” I enjoyed looking at her face like that; I mean you know getting furious and mad at the same time irked.
“Turned that damn thing off!” she’s too funny, making hand signals as if I can’t hear her. What does she want now? Last time she talked to me was last last week I guess, I was scolded for missing her welcome back party. Yeah that’s my mom always traveling in Europe or states. “Business comes first darling, how can you spend your 16th birthday without money.” That’s what she said when I ask her how come I can’t spend my birthday with her. What a total loser! Now what does she want now?
“What do you want?” I was turning the music off while wiping the tears of my face.
“Well, I’m glad I caught you home this time.”
“Mom, I think that’s my line…”
“Stop being silly, I have a favor to ask you dear.”
“Favor?” Oh my, now thinking about it gives me the creeps. What could she want from me? I hope not another boring party to attend.
“Yes, Well my top client’s son will be arriving three months from now, he’s about a year older than you.”
“So I want you to accompany him while he is having a vacation here in the Philippines.”
“What? Is he a retard or something?” My mom is crazy, is kissing ass her top priority now?
“No he is not retard, watch your mouth Isabel. He is Mr. Ferber’s son and he asked me a little favor since he knew I have a daughter.”
“Ice mom, not Isabel. Unfortunately I am the daughter…”
“Yes you are, don’t worry he is nice, I met him once at New York. Steven is a good boy. So you better be hospitable.”
“There’s nothing I can do now, whether I like it or not I know you’ll do anything just to ruin my life.”
“Stop that nonsense, just pick him at the airport, introduce yourself and make him comfortable here. Okay?”
“He is staying here?”
“Yes, of course, he could stay at the guest room.”
“Whatever, when will he be arriving?”
“September 23, don’t you forget the date okay?”
“I’ll be leaving for Kentucky next week, so take care. Oh I forgot, Jake went here a minute ago, I told him you’re sleeping. The next time you ever had a fight with Jake, please don’t turn the music full blast, you always do that.”
Hmm even though mom was always busy, she knows me well and whenever Jake and I had a fight I know she always knew. She’s not too bad; after all she’s my mother.

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