Friday, September 7, 2007

5th CHAPTER (guilty?)

yeah 5th chapter is here....hmmm..AGAIN!!!! well i just hope someone will comment in my that i'll know that it's been read!:praying: Again if you're new...begin at the first post up to third...(bottom to top)AGAIN feel free to comment...(chatbox) and enjoy....:)


So there I was, standing still at the corner of my room, still in agony, feeling stupid again. What will Jake think? How will I explain my anger to him? How will I tell him that I was jealous and I was afraid that I’ll lose him? Lots of questions have been bothering on my mind that day, and I didn’t have a clue on how to answer all of it. Yes, Jake and I fought several times before, but not like this, it was always too shallow, we always patch things up after. As usual he always goes to my house to apologize even if it’s my fault. Then after that we always talk about what was wrong and he’d ask me why did I get mad then I’ll explain it to him, and there’s always a reason to tell…but how will I explain to him what happened? I can’t tell him the truth…

“argh! Damn it! I wanna die!”

I was sitting at my bed, so furious, when my phone rang.

Who could it be? Is it Jake? I’m not ready to talk to him. The phone was still ringing and I was just staring at it till it stopped. I carefully grabbed my phone. Hmm 10 missed calls and several messages and it was all Jake’s. Then it began to ring again, it was Jake, I have to answer this…

“Hello?” my voice was low.

“Ice? What happened? Are you mad at me? What did I do wrong? Why aren’t you answering my calls or even my messages?” Jake asked irritatingly.

“Jake… Hmm I fell asleep, didn’t hear the phone…it was on silent.”

“Oh, I thought you’re really mad.”

“No I’m not, you silly.”

“So what’s with the walk out thing?”

“Oh that? Ehehe I was on a hurry you jerk!”

“Oh really? and since when do you cut class?”

“Oh that, ahmm…” shit, think Ice, think… “Ah… PMS!”

Good thinking Ice, PMS(premenstrual syndrome)… nice excuse.

“Oh…so that’s the reason…I can’t really understand women!”

“Jake I better hang up now, I’m not really feeling well.”


“Yes? What?” I asked curiously.

There’s something about his voice, it really felt good inside, and it made me forget about the pain…

“You take care okay? If you need something just call me, or do you want me to come by?” He sincerely asked…and damn it felt good!

“No thanks Jake. I’ll see you tomorrow okay? Bye.” I hang up. Jake was really concern about me, and I felt terrible for lying to him. But I have no choice, I have to…


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Anonymous said...

wow.. your story is good..
although some is a bit cliche.. but really, your story is good. keep it up! and when is chapter 6 coming up?? ^^