Wednesday, August 1, 2007

i'm new at what?

hmmm so this is ever first post...well here's the product of my boredom..hope you'll enjoy it...


It was a very cold night, the wind softly touching my face, I was drenched in the bitter rain, crying my heart out, screaming his name while his shadows soothingly vanishes in the dark and yet no matter how hard I yell no one was able to notice. Not them, not him, not me…


I turned around, someone is calling my name.


Who could it be? I answered back blankly. “ye..yes”

“it’s me Jake”

Jake? My best friend Jake, the ever loyal Jake…Jake whom I fell in love with, 6 years ago…Jake who had rejected me…It was Jake…

“Are you okay?” Jake, carrying an umbrella shook me to death, repetitively shouting and screaming something I can’t hear nor comprehend. Why? Pain is the only thing I felt, how unfortunate! How miserable!

“Ja...Jake...” the sound of his name made me realize one thing, I have no one now…first, Jake had redundantly deny my love for him and now the only man who made me look forward in every sunrise, had left me. I am nothing, worthless; rubbish crap…I want to die!


Hmmm… Before this shitty thing happened to me, let me introduce my self and tell you the whole story of triviality concerning my failure in love, friendship and life. I’m Isabel Cassandra Elena Jose, but they call me Ice for short. I and my mom moved in the Philippines when I was 14 yrs old, dad and mom got divorced, that’s why. It was a crucial moment for me since I grew up in San Francisco and lived my whole childhood years there, a total bummer right? New place, school and people… Typical adjustment period, however it was not hard fitting in, high school here is not that difficult in terms of pecking order of social status. Although there are easy ways to fit in, I never tried to be cool. I was obsessed on how to ruin my life, planning to do some things that my parents will surely reconsider on sending me in this crappy place; as a result, I could go back to my home, my space, my San Francisco. Ha ha ha what a total loser I am back then! Anyway so I throw my stuffs I mean my dolls and all that possesses the color pink, tried to change my attitude as sweetness to roughness. I then started to like everything that is black and weird. My mother was furious, she tried to change and bring back the old me and yet I’m starting to love the new me…day by day I was amazed on how cool to be different even though I don’t have any friends, it was the best revolutionize thing I’ve ever done. A year later in my third year in high school, I met Jake, a transferee. He was different from others; he is always quiet and is always sitting in front of me in every class. He smiles when I look at him but never spoken a word. He glances timidly when I pass the hallways, day after day I begin to wonder what kind of person is Jake. He used to sit on a bench alone with his sketchbook and pencil during our lunch break, and I used to watch him everyday from afar, thinking on what he could be thinking. Then one rainy afternoon I was about to go home when someone called my name,


I turned around and saw Jake dripping wet holding a book…a book with my name.

It was mine. I left it at the bench I used to sit at every lunch break, and I think I left it there.

“Is that mine?” I asked, for the very first time I never felt so excited to know someone.

“Yes, you left it at the bench.” He was dripping wet, and still he is smiling.

I never felt like it, my heart beating fast, goose bumps are all over my spine, I felt intense happiness with only one gesture he made. That day was the start of a very good friendship, and the first time I had a crush on a boy.

(to be continued...)

i'll try to write the second chapter later so maybe next week you can read it already...just feel free to comment guys...


mimi said...

wow, nice one.. you got me hooked up in there :) id look forward tio the next chapter :D

kxa said...

hey thanks's really great to know na someone has been reading my blog...i really felt disappointed this past few days coz no one had bothered to read it so i thought cguro i'll never post the next chapter..till you came hehe it's nice to know nah someone is looking forward to my next chapter and don't worry..i'll post it have fun reading it...thanks...:)

Anonymous said...

wow...hahah...can't believe u have something like this is ur alter ego!