Monday, August 6, 2007


ey guys here's my continuation of ice's story, 2nd chapter... hope you enjoy it... to those who just check today just read the first post so that u can relate to this..feel free to comment and subscribe if you want i appreciate it...:) enjoy!!!!


Now, now don’t get too pretty excited because the rest was not really that interesting. So we became friends, Jake and me. We usually hang out during class, after class and weekends too. We were inseparable, he was my confidant and I was his only friend. Well through out the whole school year we were treated as outcast, because of simplest reason that we were both different from others. I never cared and so did he, we were happy. Now because of these intense feelings I’ve felt during our senior year, I was really confuse back then and made the biggest embarrassing question. Yes, I asked Jake something that’s really awkward to hear from a girl. It was a Saturday night, 9:45 pm on the first of February, Jake and I were both sitting in an abandoned building right next to this old church we have in our place, we were quietly staring at the sky in the stillness and silence of that night. We always hang out there, it was our secret meeting place, and well that’s what I think of it, while he was referring it as a secret hideout from the chaotic world. Jake had a lot of issues back then… So there I was very confused, my palms are sweating, my heart was beating faster, talk about hormones!

“Ja..Jake?” my voice was trembling.

“Ice?” Jake’s voice was calm as he spoke my name.

So I look at him, stared at his eyes then answered “yes?”

He glanced at me, and then looks at me with confusion and said “are you okay?”

“I..I…” I just sit still there; my body is just sitting there motionless as if I’ve been paralyzed or something. I can’t even think straight, I wanted to tell him how much I like him, how much I really really like him. I wanted to tell him that he is the only person I cared for, and he’s the reason I never want to go back to the states again. That without him my life would be very lonely as hell.

“What?” he smiled at me looking so confused.

“I… well… can I kiss you?” oh my god! What did I do? What the heck was that? That’s not what I had in mind a while ago…

“huh?” he was shocked, from the looks of his face, I can tell that he was really disgusted, or not…I really don’t know… it’s very hard to tell… until he burst out loud, laughing. He was laughing too much that it made me laugh too.

“You’re really something Ice…you know how to break an ice…” he just stood up and started walking.

“hehe…we are so quiet, so I thought of something very funny, like you said I really know how to break an ice.” Talk about crap, so I just followed him, embarrassed, and yet relieved.

(to be continued....)

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