Wednesday, October 8, 2008



i wait in the same spot
brain like a parking lot
you're the traffic in my head
you're the reason that i'm wrecked
i pray for it to stop
like rain on the sidewalk
the traffic in my head, you're the traffic in my head
there's just too much to forget

- Marie Digby’s Traffic…

Lying awake, it’s been five hours since I lay down in my bed, didn’t even sleep at all. All I can think of is how our lips touched, how cold and soft his lips were, I was like in cloud nine, on the other hand it was heartbreaking to think that things will be different from now on. These thoughts have been an annoyance to me for five hours, it’s getting worse every minute, I can never think straight. I can never imagine what I did; it was a disclosure that he never expected. He didn’t even text me, what is he thinking right now? Arrgh! I hate myself, you could have just kept quiet Ice, you don’t have to say a word… you ambushed him, not thinking about the consequences, you ruined your friendship.

“Did I do the right thing?” The last query in my mind before I fell asleep, at last…

It’s seven am in the morning. I was awaken by the constant ringing on my phone. Who could call me at this hour? As what I’ve known it’s Sunday, no class!

“Hello?” I was still half awake; I’m so pissed off…


“Mom?” how did I not see that coming?! What does she want now?

“Are you in the airport now?” What is she talking about?

“What airport mom? It’s Sunday and it’s early in the morning! Are you drunk or something? I thought you’re in Kentucky?”

“You didn’t receive my messages! What are you doing with your phone?! Isabel if something happened to Steven, God knows what I will do to you!”

“What?! I haven’t checked my phone mom…What’s with Steven anyway and who the heck is he? And can you please relaxed…I can’t understand a word you’re saying.”

“I told you about Steven before, Mr. Ferber’s son? The one who will be arriving like right now!”

“Oh…the retard? Didn’t you say he will be arriving at September 23? Last time I checked its still August.”

“Isabel, he will be arriving today. I left several messages on your phone thinking you’ll be checking it, something came up so he will be arriving today, so hurry down to the airport because he’s waiting for you! He doesn’t know anyone here so please can you fetch him like right now!” Oooh…from the sound of it I think I’m so in trouble.

“I’m sorry mom, I’m on my way now I’m getting my keys.” Then she hung up. She’s really pissed off. I disappointed her again.

Damn! I just realized I’m a mess, I didn’t even washed my face, just slipped on a tattered jeans and a black shirt, i think this would suffice and besides I think Steven “the retard” might not care at all, and even if he cares, I really don’t care about him, I’m too worn out to worry.

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