Wednesday, October 8, 2008



I dream about, how it's going to end,
Approaching me quickly,
Leaving a life of fear,
I only want my mind to be clear,
People, making fun of me,
For no reason but jealousy,
I fantasize about my death,
I'll kill myself from holding my breath… My suicidal dream…..

I didn’t exactly notice the song playing inside my car, it was a song from silver chair, and it kind of conveys what I’m feeling right now. Arrgh! I hate traffic… I hope nothing happened to Steve, it’s been 45 minutes and I’m really sure that the plane landed an hour ago. I don’t know if I’ll be angry with him for making me get up early or I’ll be worried for him because he doesn’t know the place and he’s all alone right now…I think I’ll go with the first part ha-ha!

Hmmm at last, after minutes of driving, airport here I come! Where could Steve be? Hmm should I just wait for him outside or call the security? For god’s sake he’s a year older than you Ice; he knows what to do… Oh, well I’ll just have to go inside and wait for him, I don’t even know what he looks like, and maybe he has a sign or something.

I’ve been standing here for 20 minutes, where is he? the plane arrived an hour ago. This sucks! I’m so hungry and I’m so tired.

“Excuse me? Cassandra?”

“Yes?” hmmm this better be Steve, Well he looks different, and not the one I imagined him to be. I thought he’s the dorky one, the one with the glasses and who looks like a retard… but he’s not, he is awesomely hot! Smoking hot! Tall, with hazel eyes and his shirt compliments his fair skin top with the khaki pants... wow! Not bad…

“Finally! I thought I’ll be staying in a hotel alone, and I’m Steve by the way.” He offered his hands and was waiting for me to shake it, but by the looks of it, I was just staring at him, mesmerized on how hot he is.

“Hmmm are you okay?”

Wake up Ice! Stop staring!

“Oh… How did you know? I mean?” did I mention to you that I look stupid at this time?

“Hmmm I think this would suffice.” He handed an old picture of mine when I was 16 at my mom’s welcome back party. I was not pleased, that pic was horrible. I was not smiling its like I’m too pissed off.

“Oh…It’s Ice by the way.” I gathered myself and pretended to be annoyed. I don’t know, maybe it’s because I can see that he’s too arrogant and by the looks of it he is just some stupid jock who sees me as a dork.

“You’re mom gave me a picture of you and I recognize you immediately because of that look?”

“What look?” Now I’m annoyed, he’s exactly what I pictured him to be, arrogant, stupid jock.

“That look, you’re pissed off right? Look, I’m sorry if I’m a bother to you, if you want I could just check in a hotel.”

Yeah I really like that, but if my mom found out about it I’m totally dead.

“It’s alright, you’re not a nuisance to me and our house is too big for both of us, just don’t get in my way.”

“It’s a deal Ice. Cool name, Isabel Cassandra Elena.” Then he smiled, a smile so perfect, that it makes me thaw out.

I didn’t pay enough attention I just walk ahead of him, and he followed. There’s something about him that intrigues me though. Then my phone rang, it was Jake, he’s calling. For a second I forgot about him, and now all the pain have revisited me, my hands was too shaky, I don’t have the courage to talk to him, not now…

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