Sunday, August 29, 2010


There's a feeling people get from a good kiss that's just hard and just hard to explain.

He kissed me. Steve kissed me. It was a one moment thing, a moment i can never forget. When his lips touched mine, intense feelings came rushing in. It was like i was hit by a big wave....or butter melting into my mouth. The kiss lasted a minute or so then his phone rang, and he have to take it.. So i closed the door and now I'm lying here in my bed, so confused. I guess that's what every girl tends to feel after something like that happens, confused, awkward and confused again!

Then i remembered Jake, the exact time and feeling when i kissed him. It was nothing like this...that was good but sad. I almost forget, maybe I'll see him later, and I'm not ready. So many things have been bothering me at this moment, and i don't know how to handle it.

"There you are...I'm sorry we were interrupted.." Steve entered my room, as always, looking suave, so arrogant yet cute.

"Don't you ever knock?" I tried to look cool, you know pretended not to care.

"No i don't...ahmmm you better get ready Ice, we don't wanna be late." then he kissed my cheek.

And i didn't say anything, just stood there...

I wonder what would i wear? Now that's what a typical girl would be worrying!

Count down to shame... that's what I'm doing, while Steve was telling me a lot of things, I was not even listening to him. I kept on looking at the window, trying to figure things out.

"Hey Ice! Are you even listening?"
He was looking at me with confusion.

"Huh?" I tried to smile.

"Hey, are you worried?or was it the kiss?" His eyes were on the road now.

"I'm sorry Steve, I don't know... there's a lot of things in my mind right now."

"I know, i shouldn't have done it, I mean i can't help myself Ice...I..."

"Let's just enjoy the night Steve... I'm okay now, and we'll show them that we will be having fun! I got the feeling we will rock the party! wooohooo!" I over did it... I cut him because, i don't know what to say or respond.

"That's my girl..." still looking at the road and he was silent then...

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