Sunday, September 23, 2007

6th CHAPTER ( expectations...)

6th chapter is here...hope you'll like it guys...


Have you ever been told that everything is supposed to be reciprocated? Someone told me that if you’re really happy, probably the next thing you’ll feel is intense sadness. The intensity of sadness equals the intensity of happiness. I didn’t believe it first till that day:

A day has passed and still I haven’t seen Jake, and I miss him dreadfully. Well he called me a while ago and he wants to have dinner with me, my heart skipped a beat as I heard his voice. Well I have 30 minutes left before this boring class ends and we’ll see each other, at last… I’ve been spacing out lately, I can’t concentrate, I kept on thinking about what happened, about Jake, about us. Is it too much for me to handle? Or am I just too coward to face what I truly feel? I was in the middle of reminiscing the pain I felt, when someone called my name…

“Miss Jose? Cassandra Jose?”

I was surprised and suddenly dropped my pen. My classmates were staring at me, and I really don’t have a clue why…

“Miss Jose are you okay? It seems you’re mind is not in the class.”

I didn’t say anything, a simple I’m okay would do but instead I just stared at him, what a freak I am, and a total loser. Three girls in front were giggling as they look at each other's faces while glancing at me. They would have thought I was crazy or something. I was about to speak when the bell rang. They suddenly moved from their seats and it was obvious they really didn’t care on what I have to say. So I just grabbed my books and went to our fave resto, I’ll have to wait for Jake there.

What took him so long? He was never late before. I’m so excited to see him that I can’t wait any longer. He said he wanted to have dinner with me…hmmm…just the thought of it gives me happiness inside, a wonderful feeling that I can’t describe. If only I could just jump here and shout how happy I am. I couldn’t care less. I’ll call him? No I shouldn’t…or what about SMS? Yeah I should, and while waiting I’ll just have to order his favorite food and drink, and then I’ll tell him later that it’ll be my treat for now. Great idea Ice!

Where the hell are you Jake? The food is getting cold. He better have a good excuse…I just miss him so bad that I can’t be patient. Oops my phone is ringing, it’s Jake!

“You jerk! Where the hell are you?”

“Ice could you watch your mouth please?”

“Okay Jake, where are you?”

“Ice we’re almost there.” We? Who’s with him?

“What do you mean by we?

“Oh I haven’t told you?” then he hang up, or his phone died.

Who’s with him, I’m really wondering?

“Ey, Ice meet Nice, she’s the one I’m talking about.” Jake was standing there with this hot innocent girl, and I don’t know what to say. I didn't even noticed they came in, i was too busy sending some text messages and they were there, boom! I could have prepared myself...but too late i guess...

Suddenly the happiness I’ve felt a while ago was gone, as if my heart was ripped out. I couldn’t utter a word. I thought we were having dinner alone…I thought I could have a great time tonight.

“Hey I’m Nice, you’re Ice right? I’ve heard a lot of things about you.”

I was just staring at her and as she extends her hand, I just look at her face, staring at her angelic face.

“Hmmm, Ice are you still mad coz we are late?” Jake was really embarrassed about the way I acted. And yet I hadn’t pay any attention to what he is saying, I can barely move. I don’t know why, it felt horrible; the pain was too much I had to get out of here.

“I have to go now. My mom called me, it’s urgent. I already ordered, I guess you two can eat that.” I rushed at the door, I even felt my knees shaking. I never looked back. I don’t know what Jake’s expression is, and I’m not interested to know. All I’m thinking now is to get out of there and breathe. My heart was beating so fast that it’s really hard to breathe. I was like gasping for air. Why does he have to bring her along? I thought he wanted to have dinner with me? I guess I was wrong…

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Anonymous said...

mmm this chapter is so sad....
but ice should have just stayed put and fake a smile or something.. all for jake. she should have pretended nothing happened so that jake wouldnt notice about her weird actions...