Wednesday, September 8, 2010


to those who are new here remember to start reading from chapter 1(the oldest post)....and work your way to the you will not get lost. Anyway CHAPTER 16 is enjoy!


I was sitting alone at the street, crying tremendously. Dad called, he had to cancel my visit at my 15th birthday which is by the way 2 days from now. I was supposed to spend some time with him. Dad is different from mom, I like him more. He used to be so fun when I was little, then the divorce happened. So occasionally I got to spend a little less time with him. Now I loathe him. I was so excited for the trip that I had packed my stuff a month ago and now his crushing my hopes just because he had to remarry and go on a honeymoon trip with his young wife on my birthday! Now I know why mom left him.

"Ice? Is that you?" Jake hurriedly walked to me looking so worried.

I quickly wiped the traces of my tears, and pretended to smile.

Jake instantly hugged me tightly. "Don't you ever do that to me again...don't scared me like that, I've been looking for you for an hour already."

I just stood there, so placidly quiet. It felt good, the disappointments and hurt was slowly changed to warm fuzzy feelings.

"I'm not going anywhere Jake...I promised, no matter what, you can always count on me."

I'll stay with you forever.

"Ice? We're here..." Steve was trying to wake me up. I guess i fell asleep in the car while he was driving us home.

"I'm sorry i fell asleep... were here." I immediately concealed the tears i had from the dream.

That dream... It haunted me for hours. I can't even go back to sleep. It happened when I was 15. From the thought of it, I promised Jake that no matter what I'll stay beside him, I was his best friend for god's sake. Now, what happened to us? What I really mean is what happened to me? I was the one who walked away, I was the one who fell in love, I was the one who never kept my promise... and just because for selfish reasons... I was afraid of getting hurt.

I had to get up, what time is it? It's four in the morning and I'm still awake. I guess i need a glass of milk. I remember the first time Steve and I went out together, it was the exact place I'm standing. He forced me to go out with him, he is a bit annoying sometimes, but he makes me forget. Now I thought about his kiss, it made me have this warm fuzzy feeling again. When I'm with Steve, I surprisingly gets out of my comfort zone, he makes me experience new things, things I didn't imagine I would do.

"Why are you smiling?"

"Huh?" Damn i was smiling by myself, and Steve caught me smiling by myself! Arrrgh of all the people why it had to be him.

"Ice? are you okay?hehe i guess you kinda thinking of something..." Steve was staring at me looking so cute with his pjs.

"Ah.. no... I mean yes but not you." of all the and my big mouth.

"Why are you blushing? Well well well..." he walked near me.

"Are you thinking about this?" then he begun to kiss me again, this time I kissed him back.

I kissed him back, I kissed Steve. I wasn't worried, I wasn't asking questions, I just got out from the box. I never thought of Jake. The guilt, the hurt, it just went away instantly. Could this mean something? Am I just using Steve to forget... or despite the quirkiness, and the differences, am I actually might be falling for this guy? I don't know... but lately he is the only person who puts a smile on my face.

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