Friday, June 18, 2010



I woke up, still with tears on my eyes, i'm exhausted. I can't be like this all the time... I need to go on with my life with or without Jake!

Hmmm what to do? what to do? Call jake, apologize, hang out then voila!

Are you out of your mind Ice?!!! It's not that simple and besides, you ended it all when you walked out from him remember? So start living your life without Jake, that's the first thing to do of your list!

But before i get too excited with this remarkably precarious perception... I need to eat, i haven't been this hungry before, considering i just cried myself to sleep last night, and the other night and the other night also...what am i thinking??? I NEED TO EAT NOW!!!!

So here i was stuffing my face on the fridge, eating whatever i could find, it's too late to cook something, too hungry to wait.

"Ahem...How about dining out?"

I was startled and was choking to death as i noticed him, standing by the door, looking as stunning as before. It was Steve. I forgot about him, all of a sudden he was here.

"Are you okay?Do you need water or something?"

I nodded quickly...embarrassed at the same time annoyed.

"I thought you would never get out from your room Ice... It's been like three days already? What's wrong with you, you're totally freaking me out, aside from you being weird, i'm bored to death here. It's about time we go out and have some fun..what do you think huh?"

He was whining while pouring me a glass of water. And after i drank all of it, I was surprised he was touching my face all of a sudden, i just stood there. Surprisingly his touch was so gentle and soft and it felt great.

"I need to go take a shower." I swiftly turned around, walked away.

"Eeew... Don't tell me you just woke up?"

And here he was... from being sweet to being so peeved..argh! I was reminded that i hated this guy so much.

"Do you wanna go out?" i didn't turned to him. I just stood there.

"If it's not too bothersome for you?I mean if it's okay...I..well.."

"Shut up and get dress, i don't wanna be seen with a total loser... a shirt, pants and sneakers would be okay.." then i walked away....

"what's wrong with what i'm wearing now?"

I didn't answer... i don't want him to ruin my plan, and that is to go out, have fun and live without Jake!

It took me thirty minutes to get ready, was wearing my worn out shorts, my favorite jacket and my sneakers. I saw myself in the mirror, I looked horrible... I looked tired...i took a deep breath, I need to do this! I have to!

"Hey Ice, are you ready?!!!!" Steve was shouting outside like an idiot.

He's annoying, but there's something about him that made me realized that everything is going to be okay. I can't stop thinking about the touch, it was comforting. Aside from being a prick, he knows i'm hurting, i often heard him knock while i was crying..he was asking if i was okay or something, and even though i yelled at him, to mind his own business, he just stands there, i can see his shadow from my door...

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